Curd Nerds


How it all went down.

My name is Daniel Shaw (left). Kyle Polvere (right) and I are old friends and Cheesemongers. Yes, its a real job.Cheese has been a passion of mine for over 10 years, so when Kyle called me to pick my brain about opening a specialty cheese business, I was more then intrigued.

He was tired of hurting his body doing construction. Back breaking labor for somebody else’s gain.He had already put in his two weeks at his job,then he hurts his back. two bulging discs. It was time for a change.He was even considering a gig in Hawaii.

Kyle used to have a Hot Sauce business at a local farmers market in Lakeland where he lives. “It was more fun” he thought but he wanted to bring something different to his town.His friend Jim, had told him that “no one does cheese, why don’t you do that?” and that struck a chord with Kyle.

So he called me up for some cheese advice. “Who do I buy cheese from? What do people like? How do I cut it? I was a little surprised to say the least. It had been a few years since we had seen each other. this was not the topic I expected. I told him who he could contact and what he needed to do to get in the swing of things with cheese processing and packaging etc.

After our conversation, I thought about how unhappy I had become working for someone else. Locked in a position, held back from advancement, being told that I should just accept my station.I loved my job but, I didn’t love where I worked and who I was working for. I wanted to do it my way.

A week later I called Kyle back and left him a message about how I was motivated to help him and I wanted to quit my job and do cheese full time.He came back from Hawaii and got my message and we had a meeting at a friends place. After a few drinks, we picked out a name, wrote up our articles of incorporation and now we cut the cheese for ourselves.