where are you located?

No where. Well not really. we have a pick up location in Orlando and Lakeland. We operate out of a commissary kitchen and usually sell direct to consumer or at farmers markets.

What is a cheesemonger?

A person who buys and sells butter and cheese products and possess a high level of knowledge surrounding said products.

How do i buy cheese from you?

We sell mostly at farmers markets and at tasting events. you can find out were we will be by going to our calendar where we post all of our upcoming events. We do some delivery depending on the size of the order, otherwise it is pickup by appointment.

do i have to buy a whole lb. of cheese?

Of course not. We price by the lb. but we cut all sizes.

what kind of cheese do you sell?

All kinds. next question.

Do you make cheese?

No. that is far beyond our abilities. We are merely spokespeople for all the good stuff. But we do make some killer cheese dips and cheese platters.