So how do you get Cheese from the salty Cow?

So we don’t have a brick and mortar, but we get around. From Breweries to farmers markets, Kyle and I are nomadic Cheesemongers.

Although We have a pick up location in Lakeland Fl, and offer delivery to the Orlando area, the best way to get a hold of us is through our calendar or by email.

We also like to mix it up. Always changing our available products. Sometimes to suit a season or a fleeting decision. We like new and different and even though everyone says they could never get bored of cheese, we don’t want to give you the opportunity for that to happen.

So what if you want something specific?

Email, with “queso quandary” in the subject. We will be happy to help feed your face.Just tell us what it is and we will do whatever we can to find it and put it in your hands.

Need a Cheese Platter?

Our boards start at $30 for 5 people, $45 for 8 people, and $65 for 12 people. We ask for 48 hours notice far all orders.

Looking for something different?

We also offer a surprise Cheese box for $50 with 5 separate wedges of cheeses and 1 accoutrement to accompany them. Cheese box changes monthly, so there is always something new.

Want an Experience?

Dan the Cheese Man does house calls. For a fee, we will arrange a private cheese tasting/pairing at your home or business.


All the Flavors of the World

Whether it is coated in coffee or submerged in sour ale, we want to taste it and we know that you do to. No flavor is too taboo for a true turophile.

Our CheeseS

All over the globe, people are making cheese. Flavors that are unique to that part of the world. Techniques and traditions held so staunchly that it can be the thing used to identify a cheese. Even American pastures produce aromas and tastes so fantastic that they win international acclaim.

Quality comes from creators that care and we support cheesemakers that care for their craft. We carry the good stuff and nothing but.